Thursday, August 20, 2009


well i have been back to work for a few weeks now. it is going ok so far. i get really tired all the time but i kind of like to get out of the house. blade is doing ok in daycare. after working through a few kinks we are starting to feel ok about the daycare too.
blade is getting so big. he rolled over on monday for the first time. i was so excited. i cant believe he is growing so fast. we have to go to the doctor in two weeks to get shots again.
we are also taking blade to PCB at the beginning of sept. not sure if this is a good idea or not. i guess we will just have to find out the hard way.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


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more new pictures

Here are some new pics for everyone to check out. Blade is 11 weeks old now. He is getting so big. I have to go back to work on the 27th of this month. I am kind of excited to go back but nervous at the same time. We are going to have to put Blade in daycare. We really didn't want to but we have no other choice. Nothing else was going to work out for us. We have checked every option that we could think of. Well hopefully he will do okay at the daycare. I am really worried about it.
Some of the pics are from a visit with my nephew Blake, he just adores Blade so much. He always wants to hold him and play with him. They are so cute together.
We also went and got Blade a bumbo seat recently. He can't get it just yet but he is almost strong enough to sit in it by himself. Blade is now (as of last night) sleeping in his crib instead of the bassinet. So far so good. He is still having trouble with sleeping at night. I believe part of the problem is his GI issues. He has gas so bad that it wakes him up and he don't know how to go to sleep on his own so I have to get up and feed him or get him back to sleep. It really sucks but we have some new medicine now that we just started yesterday so maybe it will help.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

more pics

mommy and blade

daddy and blade

2 months old

blade turned 2 mos old on june 30th. he is doing so much better. me and rob are getting better at this parenting thing. blade can hold his head up pretty good now. he still has not managed to really suck his thumb but at least now he can get it in his mouth. he loves to lick his hands and anything else tat comes close to his mouth. he just lies there and licks the blanket during tummy time. he is smiling really good now and making more sounds than just crying. we are enjoying our time together. we spent the 4th of july at guntersville with rob's parents and had a blast. we even watched the fireworks on the lake. blade did such a good job. he slept in the car all the way there. it was his longest trip. we had so much fun.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well things are starting to feel a little more normal around here the last few days. I am still very sleepy and some days are better than others but we are making it. Thank the Lord that I have decided to take twelve weeks off work. I can not imagine going back to work right now. If I was only going to take off six weeks I would be going back to work on monday. I just dont think that I could do it. I am not ready. I can't believe it has already been six weeks though. Time goes by so fast. Blade weighed 8.6 pounds when he went to the doctor on tuesday. He is growing so fast. We are starting to get into a better routine. Now I just have to figure out what to do with him when I do go back to work. Right now we don't have a babysitter and may have to consider daycare. I really don't won't to. I don't really care for daycare but we may not have a choice. Well just as I sit down to do this of course the baby starts crying. More later.